It’s been a fact of life for a while now that the way we drink coffee has changed dramatically. Gone are the days of sitting in a cosy coffee shop for hours (though hopefully not forever), people watching, or settling down with some friends in your local café and just whiling the time away chatting, drinking and trying the latest doughnut flavours.

We all had to adapt (especially the coffee shops themselves) to a new routine. A “new normal” which was the buzz phrase a few months ago. Swapping much loved café time for a quick take-away or buying a new coffee machine in the hopes of replicating your favourite brew at home (with varying degrees of success) and ordering your favourite coffee online from that coffee shop you were sat in just months before because they have had to change their business model to accommodate more online orders to try and survive.

Since the full lockdown ended, places had started to reopen their doors; albeit in a tentative, socially-distanced way and we had started to go back to our favourite haunts and re-engage with them in a much-changed way. Outside seating instead of the cosy sofas of old, Take-away only sites, limited capacity and table service, all the hallmarks of a new way of doing things. It felt strange and different, but at the same time it felt comforting and safe. The old friendly faces, now only partially seen through PPV, smiling back at us with their eyes as everybody seemed to be relieved to be having this kind of interaction at all.

And even with the latest measures, people still seem to want to return to the places they hold sacred – nothing will stop us from getting our coffee fix it seems. And this is the way it should be. If this industry, and the plethora of small, independent establishments contained within, are to get through this, they need our support more than ever. If we can, if it’s appropriate, safe and within the rules for us to do so, we need to get down to our favourite independent coffee houses, cafes and restaurants and show our support by buying local, buying independent and making sure those places we love will remain through all this.

We have been getting much busier in recent months, which is a testament to how this industry appears to be getting back on its feet. Businesses are ordering again. New places are opening. Things seem to be getting back on track. And we all want this to continue. This industry which has given us all so much joy, these local, independent businesses which use their talents and expertise to give us quality coffee, tea and food need us. If that means setting foot in brick and mortar cafés, ordering coffee from them online or by just sharing them on social media, we all need to do our bit because they most certainly are doing theirs.

The Coffeecups Team x