The Barista Range


Things are still extremely weird out there, but we just wanted to drop this quick blog to let you know that we still have loads of physical stock of the Barista range.

As in here, at Coffeecups HQ.

That means that we can ship out Barista items to you super quick and with no minimum order quantities. Nice.

If you haven't seen or tried out the Barista range before, this desirable range consists of everything you need for a super-slick coffee operation: Espresso cups, Flat White cups, Tulip shaped cups, Cappuccino cups in many sizes, Latte cups and even 15oz whoppers of mugs which make a superb recepticle for Hot Chocolates or other seasonal fare.

It also somes with matching saucers, milk jugs and Teapots to round out the collection.

So come along and get your hands on this beautiful range. There's plenty to go around.

You can check out the Barista range here.


The Coffeecups Team