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Churchill Alchemy 20% Off Shenanigans

Churchill products have been a huge part of Coffeecups' offering for a long while now. Their ranges are durable, great quality and offer superb value for money.

Now we have added to their extensive ranks with the Alchemy range.

Coming under the Alchemy umbrella is Sequel, Balance and White - each with their own subtly defined look and each bringing a unique elegance and style to set them apart from other ranges.

And to mark this extra special occasion, we are offering 20% off the whole Alchemy range until the 20th April. Yes, that's 20% off all Alchemy items, including cups, saucers, teapots, plates and even salt and pepper pots!

No need for a discount code, the 20% will be applied automatically at checkout to make purchasing your new favourite crockery a much easier experience.

So now you have no excuse but to have a look at your crockery - whether you are a coffee house, car dealership, hairdresser or yacht club - and go with the elegant option. Sequel, Balance and White from the Alchemy range from Churchill.

You can find the range here and you can easily buy online, or you can give us a call on 0114 248 9416.

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