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We've been on silent running for a while (only our Directors, Kate & Simon at Coffeecups HQ) but still sending out orders, taking quotes and generally still doing business. One of the things we've noticed during this time is a steady sale of one range in particular - the Colours range from Genware.

People at home seem to be going crazy for this range of bright, versatile coffee cups; which not only brighten up your home coffee set up, but also provide a professional, high quality coffee shop experience.

Genware cups come in several versatile, bowl-shaped, sizes - 3oz Espresso, 6oz Flat White, 9oz & 12oz Cappuccino/Tea and also a 12oz Latte/Tea Mug. Everything you could possibly need. And with the growing popularity of coffee pod machines; such as Nespresso and Dolce Gusto providing and easy way to get high quality coffee in the home, more people are looking at professional style cups and mugs to show off their coffees more in the home.

You can buy the Genware Colours range plain (letting the basic colours shine) or you can go for a logo option and have anything and everything printed on the cups - ideal for presents, personalisation or just a bit of fun.

There is also a tulip shped cup option, which comes in 3oz, 6oz, 10oz & 12oz, which gives a perfect alternative or an ideal opportunity to mix and match.

Why not try them for yourself today? Just follow the link above and choose from plain or branded. Or drop us an email at to discuss options.

Stay safe.


The Coffeecups Team

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