Here's why notNeutral is great for your Business...

Here's why notNeutral is great for your Business...

So you're making your umpteenth flat white of the day, the queue is out the door because it's raining outside and your place is just sooo much comfier than S***bucks and that burn on the side of your finger just keeps getting worse because the handle on the cup is pretty rubbish when you're trying to do that little flourish you do on the top for that one girl who keeps coming in. Your attempt at a smile just can't hide your grimace at those pathetic cups you got when you opened because they were cheap and looked like those ones you saw in that little place in Italy that time. The ones with the little round handle that you can't fit your finger in properly and are so thin that your coffee goes cold in minutes.

So what do you do?

How about trying notNeutral?

We started selling notNeutral in 2017, and with a bit of a slow build up, the range is starting to find its feet. Specifically designed with Baristas in mind, the notNeutral range was developed in LA by award-winning baristas and creatives to make the job of the Barista so much easier.

From its thick base which retains heat, to its thick rim and its oh-so-important 'mouthfeel', to the ergonomically designed handle which isn't just for looks, the Lino range from notNeutral was a no-brainer for us and is the perfect solution to all those niggles you get with your existing cups.

Great to look at and comfortable to hold, you'll be making those little flirty flourishes with a genuine smile on your face and no burns on your fingers...

...and for those looking for something a little extra-special, we can offer the Lino range with custom printed logos, to help your brand stand out as much as your new cups. Just send us your logo, our let us design one for you, and you can have the cups of your dreams in no time at all.

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