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New in for late Summer/Autumn, is the Barista range from Utopia Tableware. A range of 6 different Cup and Mug sizes, plus Saucers, Milk Jugs and Teapots, in 8 superb colours.

We're been championing coloured cups for a long while now. Starting small with the Inker ranges - Luna & Enrica - we gradually added more to our arsenal; including Churchill Stonecast, Steelite Craft, Porcelite Seasons and then eventually Genware Colours. And you have pretty much gone all in. Some of our best selling cup ranges are coloured cups - with Genware & Steelite Craft being the most loved. Well now there is a new kid in town and they are here to change the game...

The Barista range, from our local buddies Utopia Tableware, have erupted onto the scene and incorporates the bright colours and heavy porcelain body that has made Acme and Loveramics cups so popular with baristas over the last few years, at an affordable price. And there's truly something for everyone in this versatile range as it provides everything you need to serve world class coffees:

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White espresso cup by Barista personalised custom printed cup
£ 3.80 ex. VAT
Cream cappuccino cup by Barista personalised custom printed cup
£ 5.23 ex. VAT
Add to this some Milk Jugs and a beautiful teapot, you have a range that can deliver everything you could possibly need.

The Barista range was designed specifically with the professional in mind. Made from a porcelain body this new collection offers perfectly balanced and sized serve options for the professional Barista.

If you're not a professional Barista though, don't worry! Each carefully crafted cup shape is specifically designed to get the most out of whatever drink you can throw at it. Take the espresso cup for example. The small size helps lock in temperature, with the narrow base concentrating the flavour. All this combines to give the real aroma and proper presentation of an espresso, all in the comfort of your own home.

This attention to detail and design makes the Barista range one of our new favourites and we hope to see them grace tables across the country for years to come.



With a welcoming profile the Barista Mug is an ideal vessel for inventive hot chocolates and lattes

- a hug in a mug.

Since we've added the Barista range to our stable of products, one item has wowed us in particular - the 15oz mug. With nothing else quite like it our there on the market at the moment, the Barista mug should be a must-purchase for anyone wanting to supply great-quality, artisan Hot Chocolates or flavoured Lattes this Autumn.

With its curvy, heavy body shape and comfortable handle, what better way to take the chill off than cuddling up with this beautiful mug in both hands?