Churchill Bulb -

Introducing - Churchill Bulb!

Lets all say welcome to our newest range - Bulb from Churchill!

These beautiful hand-cast cups and mugs make a contemporary - yet whimsical - addition to the burgeoning Churchill family.

A push against the utilitarian, these fantastical white and Monochrome Cinnamon cups can handle everything from artisan Espressos to the most floral Herbal Teas and not look a bit out of place.

So if you are looking for something different for your cafe, or even just for something a bit special for your home coffee machine, then the Bulb range is for you.

Available in White and reactive Cinnamon Brown glaze options, each one is a hand crafted piece of art.

And to celebrate their addition to our stock, we are offering 10% off the whole Bulb cup range. Discount wil be automatically applied at checkout.

So now is the best time to take a chance and let some Bulb into your life.


The Coffeecups Team


Churchill Monochrome Bulb -

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