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The Perfect Espresso Cup!

You may have noticed that we’re currently running a promotion for 20% off Como & Iseo cups, which we are saying are ideal cups for home espresso machines. But why would we pick these two cups from our whole range? We have lots of different ranges of cups; bowl-shaped, tulip-shaped, straight sided, coloured, porcelain, china, etc, so why these two?

Well, the answer lies in the cups themselves.

See, there is a school of thought around espresso-based coffees that the shape, material and even colour of the cups makes a huge difference to the output of your machine and the final product. Take the Como for example. The 3oz Espresso Cup is, in our opinion, the ideal vessel. It benefits from:

  • Thick walls and rim, which not only keep in heat and create a more full-bodied espresso but also creates a good mouthfeel and allow the liquid to flow better when drinking
  • A reverse-domed bottom, which allows for a better crema by causing the espresso to flow over itself when it hits the bottom of the cup, thus making the crema thicker
  • A strong, thick handle to which provides comfort while drinking.

For another range that has similar properties to the Como, then check out the LINO range from notNeutral, which covers all the main points above.

However, the Iseo range shines with its shape. The classic Italian curves, and variety of sizes, of the Iseo range make it ideal for a home espresso set up, adding a bit of style to the kitchen. The benefits don’t stop there either. The shape of the Iseo, although flatter bottomed, allows the crema to build at the bottom of the cup, instead of ‘breaking up’ when it hits the bottom like other more open flat-bottomed cups.

That’s our reckoning anyway.

Cup choice is largely subjective but there have been studies on how cup shape/material affects how we perceive the drinks; for instance, there has been a study which suggests that people prefer hot chocolate out of orange cups the best! There was also the fad a few years ago of serving espresso-based drinks in wine glasses as the smaller rim allows for the aroma to build, making for a better perceived flavour.

Each to their own.

If you have any experiences on different types of cup, we would love to hear in the comments, so sign in and leave us a message below.

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