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Branding is an important part for any business. The logo, the storefront, menus, uniforms, etc. The list is endless. But one aspect of branding that a lot of non-hospitality industry businesses tend to overlook is the crockery - specifically cups.

Now not every business needs or uses cups. We get that. But a lot of places do, whether they realise it or not. Take a Hair Salon for instance. The core of their industry is communicating with customers and having a captive audience for a set period of time. And what do they offer their customers while they wait for their stylist? A cup of coffee.

What we're getting at is that businesses spend a whole lot of time and money in their branding, so why shouldn't the Hair Salon with their own coffee machine want to brand their cups? It makes sense. It's just one aspect of bringing the whole branding together to make a coherent whole, which in turn, gives the customer a positive view of the business and also gives them confidence.

It's the same with any business that has customers waiting. Banks, Car Showrooms, Beauticians, etc, all have waiting rooms, coffee machines and the prospect of customers sitting there with a cup in their hands. And a branded cup in their hands would just maximise their positive experience and make your business look good.

To make things easier, we have always had a no minimum order policy; so any non-hospitality industry business would not be forced away from mandatory bulk orders and the prospect of a cupboard full of cups they don't need. You can order as many as you need, and not a single cup more.

Plus, now we are offering free Black or White Set up costs (worth £50) to Hair Salons wanting custom printed cups, which will make the whole process easier. Even if you aren't a Hair Salon, give us a call and we will give you a bespoke custom branded crockery quotation which will knock your socks off (in a good way)!

Call now on 0114 248 9416 or email to speak to our sales team and get a quote and graphic designs.

Custom branded coffee cups have never been more obtainable.


The Coffeecups Team

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