iSi Steel N2 Nitro Chargers (Box of 16)

Create Nitro Coffee, Tea & Cocktails!

iSi Nitro Whip and the iSi Nitro Chargers are made to be used together to offer your customers barista quality Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. Nitro Cold Brew is created by infusing cold brew coffee with pure nitrogen gas, which results in a rich, flavouful brew with a naturally creamy texture and velvety foam head. Like a coffee Guinness!

For the preparation of Nitro Coffee and Tea and other Nitro-infused creations.

Benefits of the high quality iSi Nitro Chargers - for perfect results:

  • each iSi Nitro Charger contains 2.4g of pure nitrogen gas
  • individually weighed electronically
  • iSi Nitro Chargers are made of high quality, recyclable steel
  • use 1 iSi Nitro Charger to prepare up to 1 Litre
  • each box contains 16 nitrogen gas chargers

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