A Pop of Genware Colour this Autumn | Coffeecups Blog

A Pop of Genware Colour this Autumn | Coffeecups Blog

You know Autumn is well and truly here when you can't see what you're doing in the mornings and it's dark when you get home. Everything seems to have gone different shades of brown and grey, you have to walk through sludge everyday to get to work (that might just be me!) and Halloween-themed tat starts to appear in the shops.

It's all pretty dismal isn't it?

Well, it doesn't really have to be. Just like beautiful shades of orange and yellow shine out through the brown leaves and the days when the bright sun eventually bursts through the grey clouds, you can get your own little bright spot amongst the Autumn gloom.

How, I hear you ask?

By investing in the range of coloured coffee cups, mugs & teapots from Genware, that's how! Genware are a superb range that consists of the fantastic Colours range, the stylish (but equally colourful) Tulip, the über-gorgeous Matte and even the quirky, but colourful, Enamel mugs.

There really is something for everyone - each perfect for bringing a little bit of colour to your coffee shop/café/restaurant/hairdressers, etc (delete as applicable).

You can even be oh-so-very daring and mix and match colours. Imagine that! A red cup with a yellow saucer. A black cup with a green saucer and sat next to a blue teapot! The opportunities are endless.

You know what to do. Follow the links above to find your colour happy this dreary Autumn. Go forth!


The Coffeecups Team


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