Churchill Stonecast Boom!

Churchill Stonecast Boom!

Have you ever looked at your cups and thought, “I wish they did plates/bowls/platters/teapots (delete as applicable) in this colour or pattern”? Well, if that’s you, then maybe the Stonecast range from Churchill can help?

With an already stuffed full range, Churchill Stonecast offers a pretty hefty offering of espresso cups, cappuccino cups, flat white cups, latte mugs plus a healthy selection of plates, bowls, platters and teapots. All with multiple colour options.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that the Churchill Stonecast range will be getting increasingly bigger over the next few weeks.

We will be adding plenty of new, exciting, items including new flat white cups, new 10oz cups, walled plates and much, much more. In addition, we will also be adding lots of new colour options to really make the Stonecast range a one stop shop for all your tableware needs.

Keep checking back on the Stonecast range from Churchill in the next few weeks for a steady influx of exciting new products, and increase your own Stonecast collection!


The Coffeecups Team

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