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Diner Mugs - A Design Classic!

One of the big things to come out of our time in lockdown has been the popularity of our Diner Mugs with the customers at home. Since the industry has had to go into hibernation, we've seen an increase in custom from people at home, just wanting some great cups and mugs for their home coffee. And the leader in this trend has been the humble Diner Mug.

A design classic and seen in every American movie and TV show since the 1950's, the Diner Mug is an example of timeless design that still holds sway today. And it's not all about the looks. From the comfortable handles to the thick, heat retaining walls, it's no wonder that these mugs are so popular.

The good thing is that we still have hundreds still in stock, so you too can furnish your coffee station with this retro beauty. Plus, with custom printed logo options, you can customise them to your hearts content.

Check them out now here, or email for more info.


The Coffeeecups Team

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