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Genware Enamel - So What Can It Do For Me?

You've seen them knocking about on Instagram, I'm sure. Pictures of bearded men holding an enamel mug in a forest, or handing a customer an artisan Hot Chocolate in a coffee shop that looks like it's been decorated out of bits of an old ship.

Enamel came back in a big way a few years ago and it's very much still around. It's appeal has even increased and it has now become a mainstay of themed restaurants and street food kiosks across the country. Mainly due to its rustic charm and durability.

As such, we've increased our range of enamel products from Genware to now include a selection of plates, bowls and presentation items which perfectly complement our existing Genware Enamel haul; which includes Mugs and Teapots. You can now deck out your gaff with as much enamel tableware as you like!

And here's an idea. Why not pair your new enamel items with one of our Genware Foodservice trays and matching greaseproof paper for the full neo-classical Burger Joint experience?

Just Shop By Collection, select 'Genware Enamel' and off you go to start your Enamel Tableware haul. 


The Coffeecups Team

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