Steelite Revolution Performance Tableware |

Join The Steelite Revolution!

Say hello to the newest member of the Steelite family: the Steelite Revolution Performance Tableware range!

I've got to say that this one took us a little by surprise. We were looking through our Steelite ranges and thinking what cool new products we could add to the website when we stumbled across the Revolution range. And we were quite taken aback with it.

The sheer breadth of the range is on par with Craft, the stylish deep bowl shape of the Liv cups and the beautiful colours and glaze effects made this a range we just had to share.

The Revolution range stands apart - not just from the variety of crockery items it boasts, nor from the stylish shapes it pulls - but from the stunning hand-applied reactive glazes. Each glaze changes in colour and intensity, depending on its application, which gives each piece its own identity and nuance; making a range that is totally in line with itself, but also completely unique.

 Unlike the speckled effect of the Steelite Craft range, the Revolution range has a gentle swirl effect, which comes from each piece being applied with a brush in a revolving motion - hence the name - and then fired to give each item a glazed surface that is different from the one before it.

Steelite Revolution Performance Tableware |

Currently the Steelite Revolution tableware range has four colour variations - Granite, Sandstone, Bluestone and Jade. Each colour stands as a range all it's own but can also be mixed with other colours to create a fun but stylish look.

With such beautiful glazing effects also comes an opportunity to maximise the impact of your own branding. A simple but elegant white or black logo on the surface of a Granite Revolution cup can look amazing and impactful; giving a café or restaurant a unique marriage between style and brand. A good logo would also work on the inside rim of a cup too.

With offering no minimum order quantities on the Steelite Revolution range too, you can dive headlong into the range or just buy a few pieces to see how you feel. The choice is yours. Samples, split boxes and bulk discounts are also available on request, so why not give us a call on 0114 248 9416, contact us via our contact form in the menu bar, or check out the Steelite Revolution Performance Tableware range for yourself on our dedicated collection page.

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