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Matte Black Cups from Genware!

One thing we are increasingly asked for is matte finish cups. Seems to be the in thing at the moment.

I can see why too. They seem to add a touch of additional class; a design aesthetic that shiny cups just shy away from. And add a logo to them and the finish is incredible.

Which is why we have added, alongside our existing range of Bevande cups, the Matte Black range from Genware. All the same great sizes and shape as the existing Genware Coloured cups, but not with that oh-so cool looking finish.

Coming in 3oz, 6oz, 9oz & 12oz sizes, plus matching saucers, a 12oz Latte Mug option and even a milk jug, the matte black range look stunning either on their own or furnished with a logo - a simple white logo looks BEAUTIFUL(!) and just thinking about it as I type, a black logo would look extra smart (shiny logo on matte cup - nice!). :)

So come and get your matte black Genware cups - you spoke and we listened.

Oh, and keep your eye out for the matte grey cups too in the near future...


The Coffeecups Team x

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