New to Here's a Look Around...

New to Here's a Look Around...

We've been around since 2001, providing catering-quality crockery and glassware to the hospitality industry and - now more than ever - customers at home.

Our commitment to providing quality tableware with no minimum order quantities to the industry has made us one of the go-to suppliers and our work with industry-leaders such as Steelite & Churchill has given us the ability to keep our most popular ranges well stocked and available all year round.

But did you know that we also have the facilities to print bespoke logo designs to said crockery and glassware? Well we do!

Our warehouse, aside from being a vast repository of high quality ceramic and glassware products, is also the home to our screen printing workshop. This brilliantly kitted out little studio is the beating heart of our business, with the ability to expertly screen print your branding so we can apply it in our decorating area.

Our decorating team then decorate your cups by hand, applying the printed decals to the products with a trained eye for detail. Using this process we can get through hundreds of cups and glasses per day.

Once decorated, the cups and glasses then get stacked, ready to be placed into one of our four ceramic & glass kilns for an overnight firing. Then our crack dispatch team quality check and get them ready to be shipped.

We pride ourselves in our attention to detail, expertise and customer service, so we strive to make sure every order is right first time. Part of this our quote process.

Have you seen the 'Add to Logo Item Quote' button on our product pages?

If you add your cups/glasses to your quote using this button instead of the Add to Cart button, then you get the option to upload your design/logo and send us a quote request.

Once this request is received, our Sales team will send you over a quote along with a graphic design of your logo on the selected items. This is a completely free process and you can make as many amendments as you like to make sure it's exactly what you want. Only then will we send it to be printed.

Printed orders take around 2-3 weeks for new logo prints, and up to 1 week for existing logos.

For more information on our whole printing process, you can get the full scoop here.

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