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No. 1 with a Bullitt!

You must be tired by now of the same old thin, ugly but functional, now slightly tarnished spoons you've been using for years. They don't add much value do they? You slave to master the perfect espresso pull, only to serve it with an uninspiring lump of whatever.

Now that all changes.

The Bullitt espresso spoons are here. And they're a game changer.

Know-How, Design, Strength & Durability.

 - designed by those who know their coffee, and hand-finished in Sheffield

 - ergonomic soft shape to look good and feel good

 - each spoon crafted from a single bar of chromium stainless steel

 - suitable for dishwashers, commercial detergents and anything else you want to throw at them.

A paltry £18 for a dozen of these super-quality, hand crafted pieces of design loveliness.

Now available online or by calling 0114 248 9416.

Go on - treat yourself.

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