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Here at we are committed to bringing you a great choice of ranges, and part of that is bringing you some of the best from around the world.

Introducing the LINO range from notNeutral.

Manufactured in the USA, and a favourite of baristas worldwide, the LINO range is reknowned for it's ability to produce excellent results; be it latte art or a perfectly pulled espresso. notNeutral collaborated with award-winning baristas to create the perfect cup for speciality coffee. Well regarded for its meticulous design and iconic shape, the LINO collection quickly gained a global following among coffee aficionados and baristas alike.

The darling of Instagram feeds everywhere, the interior curvature of each cup is optimized for latte art and thermal insulation, and the handle, flush with the rim of the cup, ensures comfort and control. Designed by baristas, for baristas. And we the drinker reap the benefits.

If speciality coffee is your thing, why not give notNeutral a try. Available with no minimum order right here at

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