Our Packaging - An Explanation...

Our Packaging - An Explanation...

We received a note from a customer recently regarding our packaging; particularly the amount of it. It made us think and we responded with our stance on what we send out and how we send it. Then we thought we should talk about it.

We try and be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible, here at Coffeecups HQ, while still providing customers with a value for money service. It's difficult as a business to be completely "green" but we really do try. As we are shipping ceramic and glass items, we do need to pack them in as safe an environment as possible, which means that there will be plenty of filling around the items to make sure they get to you safely. We've recently made some changes to our packaging which has improved our green footprint and now we are confident that the packaging we send out to you is sustainable and as friendly to the planet as possible. This includes:

  • We reuse boxes, which we buy in from a company who provides pre-used boxes, as well as reusing ALL cardboard packaging that comes onto the premises
  • We cut down on paperwork as much as possible be emailing documents to customers, and if we do have to print paperwork, we shred it when no longer needed and use it for box padding - which can then be reused by the recipient (Guinea Pigs love it!), composted or put in a paper recycling bin
  • We take in scrap cardboard from businesses on the same Business Park as us and shred it in a cardboard shredder for use as box padding
  • We use paper tape instead of standard PVC tape (this is our most recent change)
  • The packing shells we use are compostable - they are a maize product so can be composted or incinerated

In addition to everything the customer sees, we also recycle almost all of our waste as a business, so we are doing a fair amount to make sure we aren't damaging the planet any more than we need to be. Are we perfect? Not yet, but we are getting there and it'll be worth it. 

So the next time you are opening your box of cups and see loads of cardboard and packing, you can at least be safe in the knowledge that it'll be recyclable.


The Coffeecups Team

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