3 Ply Non-Medical Face Masks (Box of 50)

Locations and tasks require a variety of different solutions when it comes to the health and safety of both staff and customers. With the launch of these disposable face masks we can offer an option whatever the situation.

All of our masks are at least 3 ply where the central layer is made of melt-blown material underwriting the BFE (Bacterial Efficiency Level), all of the masks have a minimum filtration level of 90%.

The disposable option gives a uniform appearance to your team, guaranteeing hygiene. Reusable masks cannot deliver this hygiene assurance, it is comparable to the use of handkerchiefs and paper tissues. We must focus on instilling confidence in a very visible way.

This mask is designed for general use, it is not suitable for medical use.

The mask is made of three layers of material, the outer layers are non woven material and the central layer is melt-blown fabric with a BFE >= 90%.

The mask holds GB/T 32610 accreditation, confirming its quality and suitability for use.

The mask should be discarded after use.